Saturday, April 27, 2013

My first post...

Finally....the day has come.....when i have to say hello to my own blog. This is my first blog (well, the title itself says that) & i expect myself to be writing much more than just this first one. Maybe in future i become a super blogger & the world becomes very desperate to read my blogs, may be they give a damn about it.......who cares...... i'll continue to keep writing for this mighty world as far as my zeal & time permits....

My blogs will be more on technical (specifically software & gadget making) fronts rather than philosophical front. Definitely i have developed some ethics for myself, but don't think i'll lecture them out. some or the other points may come depending upon the needs & deeds.

Guys who can bear to hear me can subscribe, more of my details will be available at

- Anurag.