Monday, June 22, 2015

Easy SOAP and REST Web Services with WSCreator

                  Here I am going to talk about the Java Web Service creation library "WSCreator". It is written by me in about one  and half years and in parallel intermediate versions of this have been getting tested for some products. So far, it has performed very well for both SOAP & REST and we never faced any issue.

                  Intention behind creation of this library was to make web services creation as easy as possible & reduce the development time. Using this, one doesn't need to think much on creation of web services part. Instead, they should focus on implementing the business logic of their project.

                  There are very minimal efforts needed provided your project already has Spring IOC/DI in place, Use of Maven is recommended for dependency management. It will automatically fetch all the dependent libraries from web & wire them up into your project. All the details about how to wire up the library into your project is mentioned in README.txt file, please go through it carefully before starting. After you are done reading the file, you will actually know that the total amount of changes to be done are very less.

                   Please feel free to drop a question / new feature suggestion / review or even a ticket for defect, will try to fix that at the earliest possible time.

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